About Us

Our watersports school since 1980 is located at the beautiful Beach of Kampos. It ‘s about 5 Km close to the main port of Scala (The main town).

We provide multible watersports for all levels including lessons.

The beach is fully organized including our famous sunbeds, beach bars, restaurants, tavernas, parking and some disabled facilities.


From a total beginner to a pro… All levels are welcome. Book your fully instructional lesson. Children to adults put some fire in the water. Every session includes the required equipment.


Two skis or monoski lessons for absolute beginners or to improve freestyle slalom technigue skills.You can also relive your old school rides.


Have you never try out to ride a wakeboard? It’s time to add some style in your life! Beginner,intermediate,high end competition riders.


Available by arrangement.


Freestyle skate in the sea.


Available by arrangement.


Tubing, rings, donats .Slow speeds or extreme depence on the riders.


Slow speeds or extreme depence on the riders.


Lessons available by arrangement.


(Stand up paddle) Easy exercise and balance improve.Easy to learn – Easy to enjoy.

Sea kayaks

Single or doubles explore the beautiful colors of the Patmian sea.


Check out with your friends the next bays and try your limits by jumping from 5-‘oclock rock.


Chillout with a drink by watching and enjoy the sea.

Enjoy all sports consistantly and safe!

  • Member of safe water sports organization.
  • 40 years of sea and watersports experience
  • 35 years of competition experience (water ski, wakeboard)
  • Over 35 years of windsurfing experience
  • HWSF watersport instructor
  • IWWF National wakeboarding competition pilot
  • IWWF National wakeboarding judge
  • 3 different lifeguard diplomas
  • Scuba diploma
  • Scuba nitrox diploma
  • Rescuer diploma
  • First aid seminar confirmation
  • Touristic seminar confirmation
  • Mechanic seminar confirmation

Special Services

  • Arrange your early or late season watersports training camp with your friends.
  • Arrange your ride in different “secret spots”depending on the month.
  • Be a member and a rider of our wakeboarding competition team and participate with us in a Greek competition event.
  • If you are a yoga instructor organize your sup-surf or beach sessions with us.


All started back in 1980 when Kokkonis family started at Kampos Beach the watersports and was one of the first professionals in Dodekanese for those.

(watersports).Also one of the first in Greece using wooden hand made sun beds for rent.

Since then we are here offering our beach services and coaching multible watersports for all.

A nice family sea story with many years of experience.


We are located 5 km from the main port of skala (town)

By road

  • Bus four times a day (all destinations) please ask for timetable.
  • Taxi or all kind of vehicle.

By sea

  • Four (4) nautical miles from main port of skala.You can also rent a boat